D*Haus: Concept Transformer House Morphs With The Weather

Image & video: The D*Haus Company

The idea that our built environment can be fluid, adapting to the needs and constraints of the moment, is something that isn't seen often. But so-called "transformer spaces," "transformer furniture" and "genetic architecture" are all examples of how buildings and their interiors could "think" with their environment.

The D*Haus could be one step in that direction. Created by London-based D*Haus Company for colder climates, this conceptual eco-prefab sits on rails that allows it to morph its form to different configurations, according to the weather. Check the video:

D*Haus Dynamic from The D*Haus Company Ltd on Vimeo.

Daniel Woolfson of the D*Haus Company describes on Co.Design how the house's transformation (and the company's other products) are mathematically governed by "Haberdasher's Puzzle," solved by Ernest Dudeney in 1903:

The dissection of the square into four distinct shapes allows it to be rearranged to form the [equilateral] triangle. This concept alone is fascinating, but the possibilities are endless when applying this formula to the world of architecture and design.

This concept house is being developed for places like Lapland and Sweden, where this kind of building could change to accommodate for changes in the weather, better heat regulation, sun orientation and so on.

But as the D*Haus website indicates, there are some kinks to be worked out though, namely the weight of the moving parts, how to safely connect the whole architectural puzzle and how the moving parts will be powered and moved. It's nevertheless an intriguing concept that could have huge potential in a building philosophy that is more attuned to its environment and has adaptation and flexibility at its core.

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