DesignStories Wants to Tell Tales of Trash Becoming Treasures

Sittlump Recycle Rag Stool photo
A new Swedish design firm in the city of Gothenburg DesignStories is directly using waste products from the local second-hand organization Emmaus to create new and salable items, such as the comfy cushion stools pictured above, and cool tables with mismatched legs. Best of all may be the old watercolor and oil painting canvases turned into lamp shades.

The stools made of rolled up tubes of like-colored clothing are called Sittlump, which translates directly into English as "rag seats" but also gives English speakers the vision of little lumps for sitting. This reminds of the hilarious ability Swedes seem to have to name their products in a way that hits English speakers' funny bones - hit the jump for some prime examples plus more photos of DesignStories ingenious reinventions.

IKEA Shelf Tattoed photo
IKEA first started naming products instead of giving them numbers because founder Ingvar Kamprad had mild dyslexia and couldn't remember numbered products. But over the years the examples of goods with funny names released globally are great: "Jerker" was a famous desk; "Fartfull" a real workbench, and "Beslut" a chair. And then there was the "Faktum" kitchen which did fine in Sweden but had to be changed for the rest of the world as it sounded like "f@#$!ed 'em". The IKEA "Lack" shelf above was "tatooed" with a burned-in pattern by DesignStories.

New Pattern On Old China photo

OK, digression over. Back to DesignStories' inventions. In addition to the Sittlumps, they have a way to group together the masses of mismatched china that come in to second-hand organizations - by adding a new brick-red rim to cups and plates that are similar in form and colors, creating a new 'set'.

Oil Painting to Lampshade photo
DesignStories also created really cool lampshades out of old oil paintings folded and threaded with cord and re-installed on older lamp posts discarded at Emmaus. Sounds like a great DIY project for a handy and dedicated second-hand shopper. Via: Camino Magazine
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