Designer Robin Day's Retro Chair Wins Wallpaper Award of Year

Designers retro chair wins awardtwenytwentyone/Promo image

Robin Day was Britain's most famous designer of 20th century furniture. His work fell out of fashion but now it has received the ultimate seal of approval: a Wallpaper Design Award 2012 for the Best Reissue for his 1952 Reclining Chair.

Robin Day designed the Reclining chair in 1952 and always considered it to be one of his most successful designs. The design store twentytwentyone in London worked with him on the reintroduction of the chair but sadly he died in November 2010 before it was launched.

His daughter said of the prize: 'It's a tribute to Dad but also to you (the shop twentytwentyone) for carrying the project through. I'm sure he would have been very pleased and grateful'.

Designers retro chair wins awardtwenytwentyone/Promo image

It's a very comfortable chair. The sculpted oak arm rests provide little resting table for drinks as well as being a support. So they are both distinctive and functional. The head rests are adjustable. The shape encapsulates the principles of his work: good, modernist, simple design. It has become a British design classic.

His philosophy of architecture was clear and sustainable: "I think it's important that things endure. There's this very vulnerable planet of ours with finite resources. Architects and designers have, I think, a fair responsibility for conserving energy and materials, and making things durable."

Another quote: “A good design should fulfil its purpose well, be soundly constructed and should express in its design this purpose and construction.”

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