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Fast Company contributor
and industrial designer Ravi Sawhney writes an important essay on designing for repairability. Once again, it is an example of learning from the past to prepare for the future.

It seems so simple: Spend a little more money to purchase products that are designed and built to last through years of use, repair, and changing fashions, and in the long term we save money and the environment. As sensible as this may sound, it still represents a significant shift in consumer behavior and design thinking throughout industrialized nations, not to mention business models. My hope is that if anything good can come out of our economic difficulties of late, it might be that we learn a new appreciation for the value of repair over disposal, and re-learn to appreciate those with the talent to breathe new life in those respected veteran products that deserve a second wind.

Read the whole thing in Fast Company Design

It is perhaps a good time to recycle Platform 21's Repair Manifesto:

repair manifesto platform 21

And the more recent manifesto from IFixit; click on it to enlarge.


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