Designer Turns Moving Day Discards Into Charming Furniture

Photos: Marjolaine Poulin

Like America's Independence Day, Canada's day commemorating its inception as a nation falls on July 1st every year. But in the province of Quebec, July 1st is also known as La Fête du déménagement -- or "Moving Day." Chaos reigns as it's the day when many rental leases expire and almost a quarter million people move en masse. It's also a field day for free stuff, due to the fact that not all belongings make it to the next destination and one can find often orphaned pieces of furniture abandoned on the curb.

Seeing an opportunity, Montréal designer Marjolaine Poulin of M Design rescues and recycles these unwanted furniture pieces into skillfully re-crafted works, bearing distinct local monikers like "Kazabazua" and "Chibougameau."


Calling her operation "Project SCRAP," Poulin has been pulling free furniture off the city streets since 2010 and retouching them for a second life. She describes her motivation on her website:

... [T]o save furniture from the trash and combine them with scraps from local businesses to create poetical and practical pieces.


You can see some "before" and "after" photos on her Picasa album, where Poulin takes relatively banal and decrepit furniture pieces, and with a new coat of paint, upholstering or pieces of scrap materials, transforms them by hand into something fresh and utterly charming.



In addition to rescuing discarded furniture and turning them into affordable and unique objects, Poulin also works with bamboo to create furniture, lighting and accessories. You can check out her website for more information or to order.


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