Designer Shocker: He Won't Sell Design, Says It's Too Expensive

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Often when we show designer stuff, we get the question "why is it so expensive?" We have tried to address the problem of local limited run manufacture and other factors, but the answer is never satisfactory. Over at Ponoko, we were shocked to find a designer, Roy Sablosky, who actually displays his handiwork, but writes:

I have not posted this bowl for sale because it's too expensive. It costs about $100 to make just one, mostly because of how long it takes the laser to cut 20 rings and 80 holes. It's also very fragile.

Ponoko sablosky bowl detail image

Shocking. Roy says "It is a "green" product in that the design makes minimal use of materials."

Ponoko sablosky bowl parts image

Not only that, he then goes and gives the plans away on instructibles!

Someone better have a talk with this guy. Oh, wait- it is part of the Epilog Challenge that Ponoko and Instructibles are running:

Make something awesome with a green twist and win a Epilog laser cutter! The form of awesomeness is entirely up to you: your project can be on any subject, using any components, and in any field. Just use your skills to make something incredible, share it on Instructables, and you can win one of the most truly incredible and versatile tools available: a Zing Laser from Epilog

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It is a tiny thing, but comes with a CO2 laser that can cut or engrave.

If you can print to paper, you can engrave with our Zing Laser system. Hook it up to your computer like a printer, set up your page size, import your graphics, and print it to the laser. It's really that easy!

It sounds so George Jetson, talking about downloadable designs and printing out objects in your home, eliminating delivery costs and dramatically increasing choice, but it is a lot closer than you think.

More information on the Epilog competition, closing April 19, on Instructibles. Found on the Ponoko blog

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