Designer Raffaele Iannello Blows You Away With An Upside Down Hughes MD 500 Helicopter Ceiling Fan

TreeHugger loves ceiling fans; they are a great way of keeping cooler in summer without air conditioning, and warmer in winter; they save a lot of energy. Milanese designer Designer Raffaele Iannello likes them too. He writes:

A reproduction in 1:6 scale of the legendary Hughes/MD 500, which in the collective imagination represents the helicopter par excellence, made its debut at the 2012 Milan Design Week. Even if it has been out of production for years, this helicopter model brings back to mind all the movies where it appeared since its creation in the 70’s. It was one of the few models which could free itself in flight and perform one thousand acrobatic feats, including flying upside down. In a fantasy world where things can be the opposite of what is real, Raffaele Iannello’s Upside Down instead of landing on the ground, lands on the ceiling and deploys its propellers becoming an exclusive fan with four blades.

It is blades are 140 cm (56 inches) in diameter and the whole unit is 70 cm deep, (34 inches) so you better mount it on a high ceiling or be a short person, or you may have a scene out of Blue Thunder, where Roy Scheider flies a helicopter upside down and gives out a few haircuts. More at Raffaele Iannello creative studio. Found on DVice.

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