Designed Conversation from Savannah College of Art and Design



There was a lot of student work at ICFF, but Collin and I were particularly impressed with the work of the Savannah College of Art and Design, which produced products with a purpose: to help the poor and the homeless. They worked with the Growing Hope program of Union Mission, which tries to "elevate the quality of life of Savannah's homeless through housing, job training, counselling and healthcare."

They used cheap, available materials to "embrace a definition of sustainability that looks beyond the green movement to incorporate a vision of socially constructive practice." Click below the fold to see not one, but two videos from ICFF about the inspiring project. ::SCAD and ::ICFF 2008

Student Corey Imig explains the project.


As explained in the videos, the "camo beds" at the top are designed for outside life, while the bunk beds above are designed to provide living space for shelter environments.

Professor Jessica R. Smith on the Designed Conversation project. More at ::Designed Conversation


Designed for privacy in a dorm room-like environment, because sometimes we all need to be alone.