Designboost: An Introduction to the Sustainable Design Event

[Ed. note: This is the first in a series of guest posts by David Carlson, co-founder of Designboost, an inaugural event that's focusing on sustainable design this year. Take it away, David!]
Designboost is a completely novel concept and will take place for the first time 17—19 October 2007 in Malmö, Sweden. It consists of boost meetings, boost chats and a boost happening (formerly known as workshops, lectures and exhibition.) The overall theme for Designboost this first year is sustainable design, an issue that is as pressing as it is difficult to pinpoint. When it comes to sustainable design it's likely that things need to be questioned. It's important to look upon things from a new perspective. Since the world is constantly changing and the maps rewritten, it's impossible to sit around and wait.

Seeing that design is a part of life and life is a constant process Designboost will be an annual event. The rational goal is to carry out a number of days with different items on the programme where the common denominator is design of the future and this year's overall theme sustainable design, were sustainable is not just environmental aspect although that is a large part of the issue. The visionary goal is to inject the participants with thoughts and make them ponder, question, reflect, be worried and pleased about what design really is all about and how it should be handled and used to give people a better life in a more durable society.The vision behind Designboost is to create a different and unique arrangement that will function as a creative arena and meeting point that gathers people, companies, organisations, institutions and schools that all work with design, in one way or another, on an international level. We can shape our world and create a more sustainable future with the help of design. We can also use it to make tomorrow's society. A greater knowledge of design gives greater force to development.


Designboost is founded by me, David Carlson, founder of David Report and David Design, and Peer Eriksson, who works with his own communication agency, called Peer Communication.

I will write a series of posts from the "inside" of the Designboost event. In the next few days you will be able to read about the different specially invited "boosters" and Boost meeting themes, get to know the Designboost definition of sustainable design, read reports form the Boost chats and see fresh pictures from the Boost show. I will also present some nice filmed interviews with some of the "boosters" so, stay tuned! ::Designboost

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