Designboom Mart celebrates its 10th birthday at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair

ICFF 2014
© Margaret Badore

In a sea of large-scale exhibitors at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair, The Designboom mart is full of small gems. The market offers an opportunity for emerging designers to bring attention to their work, while established designers have the opportunity to showcase new product concepts.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Designboom mart. The items are focused around a theme of “home and travel” and range from $10 to $100. Below are some TreeHugger favorites, selected from among the exhibitors.


ICFF 2014© Margaret Badore
As the name suggests, Amy Lewis fashions home goods from discarded and outdated agricultural equipment. She crafts a range of objects, including flower vases, candlesticks and fountains.

A.M Ideas

ICFF 2014© Margaret Badore
The brainchild of best friends Washan and Helen, A.M Ideas creates home and fashion accessories out of rush grass weaving, a 300-year old artisanal craft of Taiwan. Their offerings include a hand-woven bow tie, iPad covers, and ceramic buffaloes (also shown at the very top of this post).


ICFF 2014© Margaret Badore
Another artisanal craft being kept alive by a young designer, Umbara creates beautiful satchels that keep Indonesdia’s textile heritage alive.

Mier Luo

IFCC 2014© Margaret Badore
Mier Luo grew up in Shanghai, China and moved to Phoenix, Arizona at the age of 12. She creates household objects inspired by natural forms, from materials like porcelain and wood.

Dynomighty LX Chair

ICFF 2014© Margaret Badore
This cardboard chair is pretty impressive! From the makers of the Mighty Wallet, the LX Chair ships flat, requires no tools to assemble, is fully recyclable and, yes, you can even sit on it.

Designboom Mart celebrates its 10th birthday at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair
The Designboom mart brings attention to small products from fresh talent.