Design Your Own Kleenex Box Photo Frame


Via USA Today , Kimberly Clark Corporation has a website where you can upload your photos and purchase oval-shaped Kleenex boxes with the images printed on the sides. First analogous object that comes to mind? Those Grecian urns with the erotically posed human figures dancing around the edge. The more innovative we get, the more things stay the same. USA reports:- " the brand is embracing personalized products. In a world where consumers can customize their Nike shoes, M&M; candies and even their Heinz ketchup labels, the Kleenex box is jumping into the fray" Cost is $4.99 plus shipping. Per company policy, no hate messages, violence, nudity or unapproved company trademarks. So much for my Grecian urn idea. Before you jump to a comment, please qave a look at our questions, pros, and cons list, below the fold.


1. Everyone gets to be a product designer: a corollary to Andy Wahol's 10 minutes of fame!

2. Nice get well gift.

3. Excellent political gag medium- many opportunities for culture jamming.

4. Likely to evolve as an on-line design medium, providing the equivalent function of the bumber sticker.

5. If you can't afford a proper urn for cremation ash .

6. More cost effective than a "digital frame."

7. Because they are keepsakes, recycling not an issue.

1. Some owners may chose not to open them: a waste of resources.

2. Adornment with culturally inappropriate imagery may lead to unexpected social turmoil and possibly backlash against the brand, which means that the order-taker is put in the position of being the "Kleenex Censor." He/she has to be alert to new fads and cultural innovations. Pehaps KC will have to encourage the order takers to permanently run Boing Boing in an open Window.

3. Image quality likely to be poor.

1. Refillable with tissues?
2. Card stock of archival quality, for storing chemical photo prints inside?
3. Right size to hold mini-DVD's as used in digital cameras?
4. Will company offer waterproof liners so spent boxes can be used as flower pot?
5. Yet another opportunity to resurrect Elvis?

Image credit: excerpt from Wikimedia Commons.