Design with Waste from Print Industry, by Onceneto in Chile

Green design: chair from cardboard tubes and wallets from recovered rubber. By Onceneto in Chile. Photo.

(Pictures: Courtesy of designers.) Chilean design studio Onceneto teamed up with La Tercera newspaper and has been doing an interesting job recovering waste material from the paper's print process. We've briefly showed you one of their products before at the Design Connection exhibit held in Buenos Aires last year, and now we bring you two more of them: the Conolounge chair and the eco+ line of wallets.

The first is produced with cardboard tubes from the newspaper printer paper rolls, connected with a steel support. The second were made with rubber that acts as ink transmitter in the print process, a hard to recycle material that before the design studio intervention went to waste. Wallets are sold at Comodo store in Santiago de Chile, while the chair is still a prototype waiting for production.

More info on the studio and pics in the extended.Onceneto design studio

This Chilean design firm was born in 2005 by industrial designers Ricardo Vargas and Abi Jarkowiec, and had the exploration of materials and recycling at its core from the beginning. Besides product design, they also do merchandising and lightening.

According to the designers, all of their products are manufactured in Chile under ethical practices.

Green design: chair from cardboard tubes. By Onceneto in Chile. Photo.

Conolounge, chair from cardboard tubes from the print industry.
Green design: wallets from recovered rubber. By Onceneto in Chile. Photo.

Wallets from recovered rubber from the newspaper print process.
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