Design With Conscience: taTu Coffee Table/ Stool/Side Table


We haven't been able to get our fill of transformer and multi-function design lately, not only because it's so dang cool, but because it shows a better way forward when it comes to designing the stuff that we fill our lives with. The newest entrant is taTu, a coffee table, stool and/or side table that are all built with a serving tray, bowl and basket. Designed by Stephen Burks for Artecnica, taTu (which got a brief mention before on TreeHugger) is part of their "Design With Conscience" series that features Tord Boontje's tranSglass recycled glassware, among other things; taTu is hand-woven in South Africa by local artisans in close consultation with Burks. We love how light the designs feel, and that they're super-modular without being cheap or chintzy. Check out more of the iterations in pictures after the jump. ::Artecnica via ::Apartment Therapy





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