Design Students Build Prosthetic Arm: Core77's Allan Chochinov Shows How


We're fans of Core77, "a gathering point for designers and enthusiasts alike". Clogger Allan Chochinov also teaches at the School of Visual Arts in New York, in a course called "MFA Designer As Author" where they look at the issues of design and-

Our focus is on authorship in the broadest sense: Beginning with a viable concept we encourage students to write, edit, film, compose, fabricate, produce, and ultimately market their intellectual properties.

They look at design as part of a continuum from start to finish. So many designers are given a problem that is already started, and pass it on to the engineers who finish it; as authors, they go from initial design through production and distribution. At CompostModern this year, Allan presented a fascinating project.

The presentation centers around a 10-week project my graduate students in the SVA Designer as Author program completed around "designing a prosthetic arm....I have to say that this was an incredible teaching (and learning) experience. Humbling, daunting, and elating at every twist and turn.

Watch the video at CompostModern.