Design Sponge's Spring Spruce Up Winners


Unfortunately we missed the opportunity to promote Design Sponge’s Spring Spruce Up competition last month, which is a shame because the whole ‘take something old and make it new’ game is right up TreeHugger’s street. To make up for our oversight here are the fantastic winning entries of the competition for your enjoyment. The winner Ragnheiður Ösp Sigurðardóttir did not win for having the most amazing name ever (Icelandic). She won for her customized Ikea Benjamin Stool. "I chose the stool benjamin designed by Lisa Norinder. It is mass produced and I wanted to make it unique. By drilling holes in it and decorating it with brodery, each and every stool becomes different and more valuable." Anything that adds value and creates emotional attachment to an Ikea product is alright by us. Let’s get drilling and sewing! ::Design Sponge