Design Related: Social Networking Site for Designers


Everybody and their dog has a social networking site these days; we have yet to see any real virtue from being a linkedin member but perhaps its scope is just to big and unfocused. We learn from Josh Spear about a design-focused site worth looking at, particularly for those with an interest such as green or sustainable design. There are a few things that I find intriguing and useful: besides the usual profile and portfolio stuff that you see on design related sites like Coroflot, at design:related there is a section called "my inspirations" where one might start entering links to books, websites and people who have inspired us. This, and their "my influences" feature, would make it very easy to network with people who share (or wish to learn about) the influences and interests of others. Imagine if everyone who was influenced by Bill McDonough and Cradle to Cradle listed it- we could have a virtual Greendrinks. This looks promising. ::design:related

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