Design Pod: All Your Home Office Needs, Now in a Convenient Pod


Bloggers, telecommuters and self-employed home-office dwellers, have we got something for you: the Design Pod, a complete home office that wraps up in a tidy little pod when not in use. Designed by Australia-based Andrew Maynard Architects, the sleek, self-contained office-on-wheels unfolds to reveal a chair, desk and storage space; when the clock strikes 5, everything goes back and you can use the pod to set your martini on.

Not for the claustrophobic, and more interesting concept than entirely practical idea, we love the idea that your home office can be so compact and self-contained, and truly be "put away" when you aren't working. Hit the jump to see the pod in various stages of function. ::Andrew Maynard Architects via ::The Design Blog







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