Design Graduates 2006: YouMake by Matthew Graves


Would you like to make or teach a youngster how to make your very own hot air balloon or learn how to generate electricity from a fruit? Then check out Matthew Graves’ project YouMake as today’s chosen piece from the London Design Graduates 2006.

YouMake promotes Learning Through Doing linking in with ecology. It introduces ecoliteracy to kids through creative making and play. Matthew designed creative kits (available through his web site) around themes such as fire & carbon cycles, hydro power, wind power & weather patterns or alternative energy, based on the following principles: Holistic Worldview, Experimental Education, Cross-Curricular Learning, Individual Learning, Community resource, Fun and Co-responsibility/Motivation. If you’re not yet convinced that this has true TreeHugger style, check out the different kits and Matthew’s photos from his workshops and you’ll never lack hands-on creative learning at school or at home anymore. Go ::Ecomatt! ::YouMake ::Goldsmiths College Design