Design Graduates 2006: Made By Products by Li Jonsson


You’ve seen Carbon Copies and you’ve read about A 3rd Set of Teeth but the collection Made By Products is probably new to you. We spotted it at the Goldsmiths College Design degree show in London. Li Jonsson looked a little closer than others at everyday products in the home and noticed by-products, hidden side effects, that normally go unnoticed. She decided to harvest this unseen energy from ready-made objects around the house for musical purposes. So she created musical fittings that are powered by the wasted energy. Part of the series is wd 40 which can be added to most standard door hinges and which greets you when you open or close the door. Sound Storage is the one you can fit to any roller drawer. The drawer itself amplifies the sound it makes when opening and closing it. Keynote is the one that sings you a lullaby before going to bed when you let down your blind. Li leaves its users to decide whether it’s the product that simply greets you or whether it promotes play. Does it reveal your secrets in that bottom draw of yours? Or, so she asks, ‘does it simply translate as a reminder of how we all need to be more efficient in how we use even the smallest of energies’? ::Li Jonsson ::Goldsmiths College Design