Design Graduates 2006: Domesticating Dirt by Sam Hulbert


After YouMake creative eco learning kits, here’s another peculiar project from the Goldsmiths College Design degree show this year. Sam Hulbert is Domesticating Dirt! He’s 'exploring ways in which inhabitants and dirt can live together in greater harmony in the domestic environment’ in order to make cleaning more pleasurable and satisfying. If you’re curious now, try Blooming Dirt and you won’t have to throw way the dirt collected in vacuum cleaners anymore. Instead you use it to grow plants! If that’s too radical, how about some Dust Bunny & Friends? They comment on how ornaments just sit and accumulate dust in our homes. These ones are made from recycled household dirt that ones landed on surfaces around the house. To get your dirt blooming, contact ::Sam Hulbert ::Goldsmiths Design