Design Graduates 2006: Carbon Copies by Nadine Jarvis


Beginning of June is the time of degree shows and like last year we visited Goldsmiths College’s BA Design & Eco Design show in London. We have picked out the greenest and coolest for you.

Let’s start with ‘a collection of urns for those who have died, and those who are left behind’ by Nadine Jarvis. Rest in Pieces is an urn designed to be hung in a place you want the ashes to be scattered. It’s beautifully tear-drop shaped and attached with a thin degradable thread which eventually falls apart. The thin urn breaks when it hits the ground, scattering the ashes naturally. The Bird Feeder is another urn which scatters the ashes after a certain time. These elegant urns are made from seeds at which birds pick away until it falls apart, leaving behind the perch which also contains information about the person who died. If you don’t like the idea of not being able to keep the urn, you can get Carbon Copies made. This is a lifetime supply of pencils made from the ashes of one body produced during cremation. To still have an urn after you’re done pencilling, the ash left after sharpening the pencils transform the pencil case into an urn over time. ::Nadine Jarvis