Design Graduates 2006: A Third Set of Teeth by Danijela Bojanic-Dewar


After Carbon Copies yesterday, may we present to you A Third Set of Teeth from the 2006 Goldsmiths College design degree show in London. It’s a knitting device for people who have physical or mental disabilities that ‘liberates the mind’. Designer Danijela Bojanic-Dewar says: ‘A stitch in time saves your mind’. This beautifully wooden device enables people, who for example suffered a stroke, to continue the familiar craft of knitting or to even learn something new without frustrations through rhythm and repetition. The needles are attached to a wooden platform so the hands need less strength to hold them which makes knitting accessible to disabled people. The materials used are fully ecological. Danijela has tested her product and if you are interested in promoting her product, don’t hesitate to send her an email ::Danijela Bojanic-Dewar ::GoldsmithsDesign