Design Goes On The 100 Mile Diet

100 mile diet design photo

Images credit Lloyd Alter

The 100 Mile Diet has been a meme on TreeHugger for a few years now, so it is fitting that that is the theme of a joint project of the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) on the east coast and the University of Washington (UW) on the west. TreeHugger emeritus Domenic Murren describes the problem: "Participants sourced sustainable materials from a 100-mile radius - and energy sources in keeping with the same circumscribed theme - to develop prototypes that address profound questions of place, production, climate, and culture."

100 mile diet photo

MICA's Inna Alesina and her students collected invasive species including "bamboo, Phragmatis, Atlantis (The Tree of Heaven) and highly invasive vines. Students also collected abundant materials such as drift wood, local clays , well as left-overs from industry such as oyster shells and cloth." More at MICA

Domenic Murren of University of Washington from Lloyd Alter on Vimeo.

I asked Domenic what the critical difference were between the two schools, on opposite coasts, and if they had a different design aesthetic; he explains in the video.

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