Design for Unsustainability: Tassimo Coffee


We used to love Braun products as being useful and well designed and so long lasting that we even called them green. Then they were bought by Gillette, inventor of our disposable culture, where for a hundred years they have given away the razor to sell the proprietary blades. Now Braun has learned from Gillette about how to develop an entirely new type of unrecyclable waste- the Tassimo coffee system with its disposable one-shot T-Disc pods. Now, instead of having the choice of whatever coffee you want (including the option of fair trade or organic coffee) you pay 35 to 70 cents per hit of their choice of brand, and a little plastic and paper turd to throw in the garbage after. It would perhaps be something if we could say that the coffee was actually good; we tried it and found it thin and tasteless. In the end, in the name of convenience, we have a machine that creates a captive audience for an overpriced coffee system that creates unneccessary waste. What a discredit to a great name in the history of design. ::Braun Tassimo

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