Design for the Single Man

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I know quite a few people who could take advantage of some of the ideas that Industrial design students Valentin Engler, Marius Morger and Daniel Grolimund came up with for their final project. They note that "In urban Switzerland more than every fourth household is kept by a single living man. We studied these very interesting men and lifestyles, to find out their needs and problems. Based on this research we developed seven products which each perfectly fits in the single man's lifestyle."

Above is the Work and Leisure Table: "Checking e-mails and preparing the candlelight-dinner for the evening - both on one single table. When the guest finally visits, the derangement on the working place is cleaned simply by sliding one table top over the other."- but why is the end of the sliding top solid? It would have been cooler if the notebook could just slide under.

ironing board table closed photo

Ironing-Table: The few shirts a single man has, are ironed in front of the Television. The coffee table hides the ironing board, as well as the electric iron and even a cup-holder for the single man‘s beer.

ironing board table open photo

Hey, everyone irons in front of the TV, don't they? This isn't just for single men, my wife would love it.

keyboard napkin photo

Most useful of all: The Keyboard Napkin. Imagine how many more posts I could do per day if I didn't have to stop for meals and snacks, but could continue working without worrying about my new computer keyboard.

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