Design Finalists Announced in Brit Insurance Design Awards

ikea cook photo

Image from Ikea

Last week we showed some of the hottest and best nominees from the annual Brit Insurance Design Awards. From over 100 fabulous and not so fabulous objects, seven semi-finalists are chosen. Then on March 15 the big winner is announced.

Keeping up with TreeHugger's past record of choosing the successful ones, it is with great pride we announce that once more we have nailed it, sort of. The Plumen light, the Ikea cookbook,and the library made out of abandoned crates were all on our list. This TreeHugger had predicted that the iPad might be the big one, but it wasn't even chosen. The Graphics Award goes to the beautifully designed Ikea cook book, Homemade is Best; worth owning even if you don't cook. It's an art book, almost.

open air photo

Image from dailytonic

Let's hear it for the Open Air Library, in Magdeburg, (East) Germany, made out of old beer crates and created as a community project. The facade is constructed from reclaimed exterior panels of a nearby warehouse.

jill sanders brit insurance photo

Images credit Brit Insurance Design Awards

The fashion award goes to Uniqlo Japanese clothing, for their sleek and chic Jill Sander line. Many many loyal fashionistas will endorse this choice, as the new clothes go flying out the door each season.

branca chair brit award photo

The Furniture award goes to Branca, a lovely chair made by Italian designers out of wood. Its designers are trying to copy the natural patterns of branches, and it all evolves from one piece of wood.

flip brit award photo

The Interactive Award goes to Flipboard, the first social magazine app for iPad. It brings together web content into a visual magazine style format.

plumen brit insurance award photo

The Product award goes to Plumen 001, truly an innovative design achievement. It's a regular CFL bulb, but with the twists turned in much more appealing ways than the standard spiral. A rash prediction: this may be the potential winner of the big prize...

boris bike brit insurance photo

Image by B. Alter

And for Transport, the Barclays Cycle Hire (Boris Bikes) is the obvious choice.

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