Design 21 Competitions Get Real


Ed. Note: Extended entry deadlines have been announced for this competition. Please see Design 21 Competitions Get Extended.

The Design 21 Logo Competition produced a winner and three new competitions have been announced which seek to solve real problems with good design. As previously reported, the intention of the Design 21 Social Design Network is to "bring designers and non-profits together to create, share and discuss socially responsible design." The competitions offer $10,000 prize money for first, second, third place designs and an audience-pleaser award. Public voting opens successively: 11 December 2006, 1 January and 29 January 2007, always one day after the deadline for entries.Beating out 950 submissions from around the globe, the winning logo was designed by Monika Kosciuczuk, a world citizen born in Poland and currently residing in New York. The competition was tough--you can see the winner and browse 49 pages of entries at Design21sdn gallery. Monika Kosciuczuk has created a logo with emotional impact and layers of meaning, capturing the complexity and interdependency of society and inviting designers to make order from the chaos. Respect. Don't miss the animated logo version.

The subsequent competitions seek

  • a winning educational campaign about global warming;

  • an affordable toy designed to cultivate imagination and creativity; and

  • an effective temporary shelter for emergency situations.

Let's hope that the inspiration evidenced in the winning logo will similarly break all molds in these three categories.

Learn more at design 21 sdn designit.

Via: Laura Henson, Design 21 Social Design Network