Design 21 Announces Winner for FSC Campaign

design21 FSC winner Damian O’Hara & Christophe Roger
Image: competition winner, by Damian O'Hara & Christophe Roger, via Design 21

Online "social design network" Design 21 has announced the winners of their latest competition, "Wood, Paper, Checkmark": a consumer action & education campaign for the use of Forest Stewardship Council (FSC-US) wood, in collaboration with the FSC and the Nature Conservancy. Faced with the facts of increasing deforestation, participants were asked to create an image that would be used for online and print ads and a clever URL that would be used in the future campaign.

After reviewing 127 original entries from 34 countries, the judges chose their $5,000 winner (picture above) as well as their top picks, after the fold:Winner: Damian O'Hara & Christophe Roger
Campaign: "FSC Campaign" (pictured above)
Country: France
Proposed URL:

According to the judges, "We selected this campaign for its direct simplicity, warm and humorous tone, and how it allows FSC to reference such large topics as climate change, indigenous people's rights and wildlife protection." Adding, "This is a very smart and clever campaign with a clean, understated design that we believe will be very appealing to the 'conservation-engaged' audience that will be the target."

Other top picks by judges:

design21 know forestry 1187 Creative

Campaign: "Know Forestry"
Author: 1187 Creative (Zak Ouart, Ben Ouart, Steven Darby, Russ Gruber, Lindsey Cox)
Country: United States
Proposed URL:

design21 Carlos Pion

Campaign: "Protect the Earth: Approved Campaign"
Author: Carlos Pion
Country: United States
Proposed URL:

design21 Isabel Sanchez

Campaign: "The Eco-Shopping Campaign"
Author: Isabel Sanchez
Country: United States
Proposed URL:

More information the Wood, Paper, Checkmark competition, images of all submitted entries and honourable mentions can be found here.

About Design 21
Founded by Felissimo and UNESCO to inspire and promote design for the greater good, DESIGN 21 has already held several creative competitions to date, ranging from protecting linguistic diversity, to environmental and poverty awareness campaigns. Design 21 functions as an "online community that brings together socially conscious designers, non-profits, individuals and organizations." Currently, the network includes over 18,000 members from more than 170 countries and over 320 organizations from the non-profit, corporate, education and government sectors and membership is free.

Design 21 via press release

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