Deptford Design Market Challenge

It sounded like a great idea: let 27 of the hippest and hottest young designers choose a piece of...rubbish...ooops, object, from Deptford market...and see what they can come up with. The Deptford Design Market Challenge, named after an old and vibrant street market in the east end, asked these designers to think about recycling and creating something unique and desirable and functional out of second-hand junk. The result: mixed.

The hits: Some were very clever--Stuart Haygarth created a candelabra out of a punch bowl and glasses. Kate Maestri took perfume bottles and old glasses and made them into a set of wine glasses. An oil lamp became a bird cage. The chandelier made out of badminton shuttlecocks (birdies to us) (pictured) was delicate and fun, as was "Flock and Roll"--jewellery made out of old records and delicately cut album covers. And the misses: Others didn't quite make it--such as a guitar with an ipod in the middle and a row of 10 purple running shoes to train people to do team work, and sweaters made out of old stuffed animals. It is all part of the fun at the London Design Festival, everywhere in London for the next week. :: Deptford Design Market Challenge

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