Department of Energy Creates Energy Star Criteria for Water Heaters

GE tankless gas water heater
Energy efficiency isn't considered sexy. Water heaters even less. But when you look at the numbers and realize that these energy-monsters that lurk in our basements are ranked third in energy consumption in U.S. houses (behind heating/cooling and kitchen appliances) and represent 17% of total demand, it's not hard to figure out that something needs to be done.

One step in the right direction is the inclusion of five categories of water heaters in the Energy Star program: high-performance gas storage, whole-home gas tankless, advanced drop-in or integrated heat pump, solar, and gas condensing. For more details on the requirements for each categories, you can see this Energy Star announcement.

GE hasn't wasted any time announcing two new models that will meet the new Energy Star criteria. The first one is a tankless (aka on-demand) gas water heater that should "save up to 25 percent annually on water heating costs compared to the operating costs of a standard 40-gallon gas tank water heater." The second model is more intriguing. It is a hybrid electric water heater (pictured below) that promises to use half as much energy as a traditional model yet use the same footprint and connections.

GE hybrid electric water heater

It kinds of look like something you would see in a science fiction video game.

The hybrid part works by combining conventional electric heating with a heat-exchanger that absorbs heat from the room to help warm the water. This is a good thing when your house requires cooling, but not when heating is required, so we expect these to make more sense in the warmer regions of the globe.

The hybrid should be available in late 2009, while the Energy Star GE gas tankless will be available May 1, 2008.

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