Density Is For The Birds

bird apartment building photo

We have previously noted examples of Achieving Density in Prefabricated Housing; now Belgian artist Maxime Delporte gives us not a bird house, but a bird apartment complex with La Mangeoire project.

bird apartment in forest image

Google Translation:

" This project is aimed at our friends the birds they are cities where the campaign.
C'est un objet pratique se présentant sous différents modules assemblés formant alors une mangeoire et un lieu de repos pour les oiseaux. This is a practice occurring in various modules assembled then forming a manger and a resting place for birds. Chaque module est construit à partir de la forme basique d'une maison (murs/toit/portes...) ; dont tous relèvent d'un caractère typographique. Each module is built from the basic form of a house (walls / roof / door ...), which all come under a typographical character."

Maxime Delporte via ::Pan Dan and ::Notcot
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