Demolishing and Building a House with No Dumpster: The REX Project (Video)

REX Project recycled house photo

Image credit: Shannon Quimby

Although we know that reuse should come before recycle, it's a sad truth that the reuse industry is often overlooked when people talk about green building. But one woman is out to change all that—literally recycling/reusing an entire dilapidated house as she builds her new home. That's right, she's demolishing an old home, and building a new house, without using a dumpster.REX, or Reuse Everything Experiment, is the brainchild of HGTV designer and author Shannon Quimby, whose family bought an old home in Portland, Oregon that was destined to be demolished:

"We bought a house that was a total wreck. It could not be saved. It was destined to be scraped and dumped into the landfill. Knowing that over 50% of our landfills are construction related materials we thought, hey instead of being so wasteful why not try and see if we can deconstruct the old house and infuse the materials into the new one being build. That's right, we recycled 100% of the old into the new! The roofing, siding, toilet, raccoon poo, termite invested wood, you name it we recycled and reused it on the exact same site! "

The video below gives just a small taste of what it's like to reuse and recycle an entire home. It's impressive stuff. And in case anyone isn't convinced about the virtuous social benefits of reuse, Quimby also estimates that the reuse project has saved her in the region of $50,000!

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