Define "Home" Anywhere: Mobile Crate Furniture, Kitchen, Bedroom Etc. By Naihan Li

Photos: Naihan Li
What's in the box? As we move from static, consumption-driven lifestyles to living with portability, flexibility and "less is more," it's fascinating to see how thoughtful design can bring this vital ethic to bear. We've seen transformer kitchens, transformer houses and now Chinese architect Naihan Li presents a series of mobile transformer pieces that are incognito when closed, and define "home," entertainment and comfort when open, as seen here:

But it's more than just sofas. When open, the crates reveal couches, chairs, wardrobes complete with all manner of storage, kitchen, beds, a TV entertainment center and karaoke box.




Exhibited at the Concierge in Dashilar Alley for Beijing Design Week 2011 and spotted over at Dezeen, these pieces of furniture are hidden in sturdy crates that can be wheeled from one spot to another.

For fun, there's even a folding foosball table!



Movement is facilitated by the wheels and integrated handles, and the crates can be locked up to prevent them from accidentally opening. The formal element of a mobile crate becomes the unifying aesthetic.



Eminently portable and integrated together into a series of modular forms that can fit into one another, the angular faces of the crates belie their comfortably upholstered interiors. They are all pieces of a domestic puzzle that you can imagine being shipped from one place to another, creating a sense of "home" no matter where one ends up.

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