Deconstruction and the Rebuilding Center

In Oregon, older houses are made from high quality old-growth wood with incredibly fine grain. Only about 10% of the Northwest's original trees are left, and those that are should be preserved.

In Portland, entrepreneurs have created an infrastructure for "deconstructing" rather than demolishing houses and selling the carefully recovered material at the non-profit ReBuilding Center.It is a great idea- building owners pay Deconstruction services to dismantle the building, donate the materials to the Rebuilding Center, get a tax receipt for the donation and save the dumping fees.

Customers get old wood that looks great in exposed beams at better prices while saving trees. Everybody wins.

This is a great example of how being a recycling society creates jobs, opportunities and quality products while saving trees and promoting local production and consumption. Treehugger brownie points all round!

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