David de Rothschild Shows Graham Hill Ways to Turn Plastic From Waste to Resource

The Plastiki Sailing Vessel, Entirely Made of Recycled Plastic, Will Sail Across the Pacific
Eco-hero David de Rothschild has been hard at work on the Plastiki Project for a while, and TreeHugger founder Graham Hill had a chance to drop by Pier 31 in San Francisco to see what's going on behind the scenes. What he discovered is that this project isn't just about a sailboat, but about totally changing how our society sees plastic, from waste to resource. All of this because they had to solve engineering challenges (not as easy as it sounds to make a sea-worthy ship out of plastic bottles). Check out the video below, it's great.

Plastiki from Glenn McElhose on Vimeo.

Truly amazing. I hope that the processes and materials discovered by David and his team will become common place rapidly, because we can't just keep doing what we're doing now with plastics.

Via Dirtsalad
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