David Adjaye's Pop-Up House

outside pop-up house.photo

It's the London Design Festival and TreeHuggers will be crawling all over the city looking for the best of the lot to bring to you daily for the next week. Crawling is the operative word with exhibits and events and lectures everywhere; night and day.

First off, Size + Matter, a special installation to link designers and architects with special materials. A London architect, David Adjaye, has been chosen and the material is American tulipwood. It usually has a limited lifespan outside so it is not often used. However it has been specially treated so that it can be placed outside permanently and this structure is intended to highlight its special qualities. The pavilion is elliptical; the inside is made of two circular chambers which interlock.

pop-up house photo

David Adjaye is a local architect who has made quite a name for himself. He specialises in using simple and austere materials and showing them in their most natural, pared-down form.

interior pop-up house photo

The house is covered over, but open to the elements; with vertical planks of tulipwood forming the walls and ceiling. At night it will be lit from the inside so that it glows.

second interior photo

When the Festival is over the house will be auctioned off to the highest bidder. For those who missed out on Prouvé's house or Shigeru Ban's pre-fab--this is your next chance. :: The London Design Festival

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