David Adjaye's Museum of Contemporary Art Denver


David Adjaye started Adjaye/Associates in 2000 and promptly won the Idea Store competition, and has been on a roll ever since, working in Norway, China and the USA, where he is finishing Denver's new Museum of Contemporary Art. They are aiming to be the first Gold LEED certified contemporary art museum in the country; it will use 40% less energy than comparable buildings and will have a green roof designed by landscape architect Karla Dakin.

According to the Cherry Creek News: MCA Executive Director/Chief Curator Cydney Payton comments on the facility's design: "It is a museum without a door, where one enters through a corridor which becomes the transition between the street experience and the museum experience. The effect will be very welcoming, breaking down barriers between our audience and the art."
"The exterior curtain wall is clad in a gray glass that is etched on the inside and evokes 'black milk,'" notes Payton. The interior features walls of white MonoPan, a translucent, textured plastic that allows indirect light into the core gallery spaces and spans three separate levels. ::Cherry Creek News


It is supposed to open October 28; looks like a challenge. ::Museum of Contemporary Art Denver via ::Architechnophilia