Datsumzero's Dulce de Leche: the Gabi Low Table


There's a lot to like about datsumzero's minimal, modern furniture. We really like the way the very different materials (solid wood and medium-density fiberboard -- MDF) work together in "Gabi" (above), the cool-but-functional drawer that slides out, and the little bit of storage in the hollowed center...makes a pretty nice low table or coffee table, perhaps. The thing we like best is that the MDF is bound with formaldehyde-free resin, making it much cleaner and greener, especially when it comes to improving indoor air quality. While the minimal design is great, and leaving out the formaldehyde is a nice touch that's better for everyone, we'd love to see datsumzero take their green efforts up a notch by adding certified-sustainable woods, recycled steel or low/no-VOC finish to the equation. Still, it's a solid, versatile piece that will likely last a very long time, and we can't get enough of the minimal, luxurious looks; nobody's perfect, we just wish we could rave about the green aspects as much as we could rave about the design. More eye candy at datsumzero's site; pick one up at 2modern. ::datsumzero via ::PadStyle