Das Schwimmhausboot es gleitet! (The Float Houseboat Floats!)


Last fall I was entranced by the Schwimmhausboot, houseboat, designed by Flo Florian and Sascha Akkermann of Confused Direction. It was to be "ecofriendly, with zero-emissions, a green roof, and materials such as 250 year old larch wood salvaged from an old farmer's shed." The model was so good that I thought it was real at first; now they have finished the real thing, and called it the Silverfish.


The designers write:

With the cost of living in large cities constantly rising, the search for viable alternatives is constant. Flo Florian and Sascha Akkermann of design firm Confused-Direction and the project-developer Bernhard Urich had urban affordability in mind when they designed the Silberfisch houseboat.


The house is a thoroughly modern floating home that, instead of occupying a valuable plot of land, is anchored in a body of water. In theory, the Silberfisch would allow residents to remain in a location indefinitely or relocate on a whim. It's an interesting concept whose acceptance by the general public might be debatable. However, the eco-friendly principles underlying the house are universally appealing.


Two of the primary "green" methods used in the house's construction are a green roof planted with vegetation and the use of reclaimed wood wherever possible. The toilet is an Eco-Toilet which saves water resources. Additionally, the house produces zero emissions. As home prices and eco-friendliness become increasingly critical issues, Confused-Direction's Silberfisch houseboat may become a realistic option.


It is insulated with hemp and wood fibers, and is "prepared" for solar and photovoltaic, but is not quite as green as it was purported to be, now clad in Resopan instead of recycled larch. A 1500 liter tank gathers gray water from the shower and the sinks. There is a "Bio-toilet" but given that it has a dishwasher, gas stove and washing machine, I don't honestly see how they can call it "zero emissions."


But it is easy on the eyes. More at Schwimmhausboot, via Arkinetia

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