Dannon Removes Plastic Overcaps, Smart Move

The French food company Dannon has just realized that it's not very smart to put a plastic lid and a protective foil on a 6 ounce yoghurt. By getting rid of that plastic overcap, Dannon estimates that it will save 3.6 million pounds of plastic per year. To put the cherry on top of that smart move, Dannon will also make a onetime donation to Toys for Tots, a foundation apparently affiliated with the US military that gives (plastic?) toys to children. Now, lets hope that Dannon won't stop there and that other corporations are taking notes and will start working on their wastefully over-packaged products too (writing that line, I had a mental picture of these low-quality cheese slices that are individually wrapped in plastic). Over-packaging a product is like moving around a 170 pounds person in a 5000 pounds SUV (usually to pick up the mail or a carton of milk). It must stop.

::Dannon Official Announcement, via ::Triple Pundit