Damaris & Marc, Fun & Local Sustainable Design from Barcelona


Finally, fun & sexy eco design is available not just in New York and London but has made it to Barcelona. Damaris & Marc are the two local designers who create and produce their designs themselves, to make sure the materials they use are as sustainable as possible. To do so, the designers use a mix of technology and craft which results in beautifully made objects for the home. All products are produced locally in their workshops in Barcelona. To underline their responsibility as designers towards the planet, parts of their profits go towards humanitarian projects. Every time a significant amount has been set aside, the two designers personally take it to a chosen project. For the next one they'll be heading to an orphanage/hospital in Mongolia with which they'd like to collaborate. Their motto is '"Qui no s'arrisca no pisca" (who doesn't dare, doesn't win). Damaris & Marc believe in observing the world and acting personally rather than passing the responsibility to others, says Damaris.Check out Herald, the screen made from water-based varnished birch wood, or Kodama, the cute little white modules made from water-based lacquered wood. Then there’s Shishi Gami, the birch wood lamp with coloured felt ribbons and Lullaby, the cushion made from whitened-free cotton and linen. Very fun is the magnetized blackboard made from birch wood called Sabubu, although we’re not sure the black stuff is very eco-friendly. But then again, there’s not always an eco alternative, is there? Damaris & Marc are currently showing their designs at different locations around Barcelona. For more information contact them or check out their work online. Via ::HG Design*Sponge ::Damaris & Marc Design

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