Damaris & Marc Design: CNC Beauty from Barcelona


Combining high-tech CNC (that's computer-numerically controlled) routing with artisanal techniques and some sustainable materials, Barcelona studio Damaris & Marc Design have produced some pretty eye-catching wooden designs. Shishi Gami, above, a playful wooden lamp with felt accents added for a pop of color, is our favorite. As regular readers will recall, CNC routing gets the TreeHugger thumbs up because the design is drawn up and locked in with a computer, which controls the router and (theoretically) creates it without mistakes; it also allows for more efficient use of wood, since offcuts can be minimized with the design, and (also theoretically) allows for the kinks in the design to be worked out before any wood is cut. After the jump: Herald, a dramatic screen inspired by the traditional heraldic lion. ::Damaris & Marc Design via ::MoCo Loco


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