'Cutting Edge' Trendy Felt Rugs and Table Runners

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The idea of putting felt rugs, table runners and wallcoverings around your home might bring back images of arts and crafts projects from elementary school. But the designs coming out of Selina Rose are anything but elementary.

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Each of the items are made from felted wool dyed with environmentally friendly dyes. The patterns are something you might see in any urban, furniture boutique and the colors (modern grey, taupe, hot pink and lime) really pop. You can use them as your main pieces around the house or as accents that bring a splash of color to any room.

Selina Rose Christmas Decorations
The pieces come in two designs - Bloom and Botanica - and a variety of styles, including table runners, coasters, rugs, christmas tree decorations, and panels which can be used as wall coverings or room dividers. Additional sizes and styles are available for commissions for designers and commercial clients. The "bespoke" felt pieces have cutouts that pop-out from the rug, adding a little depth and texture to the piece.

The pieces all have designs cut into the felt, which sounds a bit like someone took a pair of scissors to a wool rug, but upon inspection the lines are all sharp and clean, making the felt pieces look modern rather than messy. Each of the pieces range from 3mm to 5mm in thickness.

Selina Rose Bloom Table Runner Photo

:Cutting Edge by Selina Rose
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