Cute Sustainable Design for Kids at Malba Museum in Buenos Aires

FSC Certified Wood Toys at Malba Museum in Buenos Aires Photo

Photos: Paula Alvarado.

Every year when the school winter break comes, the Malba Museum in Buenos Aires puts out a design collection and a set of activities aimed at the little ones. This year, the collection was curated by sustainable design consultant Ana Lisa Alperovich and designer Pablo Ferraro (from KOM) and the focus was on sustainability, presenting objects by 11 eco designers from the city. Check some of them out inside.The collection features little animal toys from sustainable managed maple wood (first picture) by Asabi Wooden Toys, little car and plane toys from recovered clothes pins by Rusty Deimos and Ana Lisa, toy cars from recycled cardboard by Diseño Cartonero, kids shoes with colorful fabric scraps by Plantamor, a wool felt puzzle game by Planar+KOM+Ana Lisa, a stool from recovered wood by Laboratori, and dolls with fabric scraps by Maminas and KOM, among others.

Exhibited and on sale at the Malba Museum design shop until the end of August, the toys make perfect gifts for children and grown ups, so if you're around Buenos Aires, it's worth a visit.

Apart from the collection at the shop, the sustainable program for kids included a workshop for children to create masks with discarded materials organized by DAG DAG (Sol Marinucci and Lala Ladcani) last week.

Here are some pictures of the toys. For more information on the show and activities, head to the Malba website (in Spanish) or visit the shop at Malba (Avenida Figueroa Alcorta 3415, Buenos Aires).

Little Cars Made With Clothes Pins Photo

Little cars, planes and boats made with clothes pins.
Recycled Cardboard Toy Car by Diseño Cartonero at Malba Museum Photo

Recycled cardboard cars.
Kids Shoes Made with Recycled Fabric Scraps Photo

Shoes from fabric scraps.
Wool Felt Puzzle Game at Malba Museum Photo

Wool felt puzzle.
Recovered Wood Stool at Malba Museum Photo

Recovered wood stool.

Dolls With Colorful Fabric Scraps at Malba Museum Photo

Dolls from fabric scraps.

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