Cute, Low Impact Wool Felt Christmas Tree Ornaments by Planar

Christmas Tree Wool Felt Eco Decorations Photo

Photos: Planar.

I have to admit I'm a bit the green grinch of the family: I really can't stand all the mindless consumption over the holidays, and I'm always pushing the buy nothing concept. I don't even have a Christmas tree.

If I did, however, these cute, biodegradable wool felt figures would probably be the ornaments hanging from it instead of plastic shinny balls. More on them and Planar inside.

Christmas Tree Wool Felt Eco Decorations Photo

The decorations are the latest product launched by Planar, a responsible design studio from Buenos Aires that we've featured before.

Respecting the importance of choosing local materials, designers Pablo di Muzio, Lucila Flombaum and Natalia di Muzio work with natural wool felt and patterns that create minimum waste.

Christmas Tree Wool Felt Eco Decorations Photo

The figures are all one material, printed with water based inks (no ink at all would make them even more attractive, but I guess you need to add some cheer).

If you're not so much into baking your ornaments, this is a good alternative. More on Planar and these figures at their website and blog.

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