Cute Animal Bulletin Boards Deliver a Serious Reminder About Mass Extinction

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Nobody likes being beaten about the head with the eco-stick. As many of us have experienced, railing against friends and family about the state of the planet rarely produces favourable results, or in fact any result at all. That's why TreeHugger is a fan of the beautiful, engaging and well designed message - we find these are the ones that get through. It's no surprise then that TreeHugger's very own Petz Scholtus has created a series of products which ticks all these boxes perfectly. Affected is the title of her cork bulletin board collection, which features very cute animals while at the same time quietly delivering a serious message.

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Polar Bears
Each of the animals featured in the Affected collection is already experiencing the effects of rising global temperatures on their natural habitats. We of course know the polar bear to be the poster child of Global Warming campaigns, but that makes the fact they are under threat no less real. As Petz tells us, "Polar bears favor their springtime prey, the ringed seal. Polar bears move from ice flow to ice flow in search of the young seals. With rising temperatures, the thinning ice leaves fewer places for both the polar bears to hunt and the seals to raise their young."

Migratory Songbirds
The second featured animal is a migratory songbird which is also affected by seasonal changes, "The songs of many migratory birds such as this Western Tanager are welcome symbols of springtime. Warmer seasons worldwide may mean that you won't be hearing some of those old familiar songs in years to come."

And the third animal, the cutest of the lot, is the tiny Treefrog which is sadly being wiped out by the chytrid fungus. This fungus, spread by international trade, deforestation and climate change, causes the horrible sounding chytridiomycosis disease which is killing amphibian species at an alarming rate.

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Mass Extinction
Terrible as the decline of these three creatures is, the unbelievable truth is that we are facing what's known as the sixth mass extinction which currently threatens over 17,000 species on our planet. What's more the serious message delivered by these Affected bulletin boards arrives at a time when the recent Gulf oil spill is killing untold numbers of marine and coastal wildlife. The horribly large reminder of the oil spill drives home the point that human actions are continuously causing great environmental damage.

Why cork?
Not only the form of the Affected bulletin boards, but also their material reminds us of the vital importance of biodiversity. Petz explains, "By using cork, we keep the cork oak forests alive, one of the most sustainable natural habitats and home of several endangered species with the highest level of biodiversity in southwest Europe and northwest Africa."

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And to complete the virtuous design cycle 2% of the boards' proceeds will be donated to Tree-Nation to fight desertification, climate change, poverty, and CO2 emissions by planting more trees in the world.

Multi-functional Design
The Affected bulletin boards are brilliant multi-functional designs which not only decorate your wall, provide a place to pin up notes + nuggets of inspiration, but also deliver an important daily reminder that we need to watch what we're doing to our planet. Designed by Petz Scholtus, under her studio name Pöko Design, the Affected collection is produced by Kikkerland and available to buy from the Kikkerland shop

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