Current TV Video: Ecovillage Tour

As enthusiastic fans of the ecovillage concept, we were glad to find out about Dharma Dog Pictures' latest contribution to Current TV: an introduction to the Ecovillage Training Center at The Farm in Summertown, Tennessee. Instructor Albert Bates leads viewers through the Center's vast array of ecologically-conscious technologies, including rain and grey water collection systems, a constructed wetland, a strawbale greenhouse, and a very cool building in progress called the Green Dragon. If you're interested in organic gardening, recycling old-school satellite dishes, growing shiitake mushrooms or reusing your shower water, you'll see how the residents at The Farm are using all of these practices to create a sustainable alternative to life in the fast lane. If you're a Current TV member (and, of course, you are), give 'em a greenlight! ::The Farm EcoVillage Training Center via Current TV