Cup Specially Designed For Catching Cornered Bugs

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Okay, so you've got a scary-looking spider in your house. But since you're a friend to creatures big and small, even unwelcome eight-legged ones, instead of killing it, you'll do the right thing and escort it outside where it belongs. So you grab a cup to catch the spider, but in an act of defiance, the critter takes refuge in the corner of the wall--as if it knows the limitations of your tried-and-true bug catching technique. "Egads," you exclaim, "Foiled by a spider!" You can barely perceive a nearly inaudible sound--the spider chuckling at your defeat?

Such a scenario may have been what inspired one artist to create a uniquely shaped glass, specially designed to catch cornered bugs.The cups, which features a 90 degree angle rim, was the idea of artist James Laurie. Called 'Cornered', only a handful of prototypes have been produced of the glass so far. Laurie explains how the special glass may come in handy to animal lovers, writing on his Web site:

Frustrated with spiders and other insects trapping themselves within a corner of a room making it difficult to catch. To counter this problem a glass was designed with a right-angled rim to correct this issue, cut and shaped accordingly from a tumbler glass. In order to retain the spider, whilst moving the glass away from the wall a folded sheet of paper is slipped between the glass and corner.

cornered glass photo

According to Laurie, the glass can also be used for beverages, though clearly it wouldn't be as practical as a conventional cup, but it might be fun to try. Still, if the special bug-catching glass remained in the cupboard just for the occasions that an unwanted visitor needed to be captured and released outside, at least you could feel good about not killing insects needlessly--plus, it'll help keep the bottom of your slippers clean.

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