Cubicles That Don't Make You Want to Put a Pencil In Your Eye (Video)

breathing cubicle partition design image

Image via Yanko Design

Cubicles, for the most part, are one of the most sanity-sucking designs ever created. We tend to like open office spaces much better. But partitions do have their good points, like providing a little cubby space for concentrating, or just separating you from a really annoying co-worker. Still, the bland, usually gray, usually carpeted design is not exactly conducive to a relaxing, productive environment. It's been shown that bringing nature indoors is a way to make people more mellow, so what if those cubicle walls incorporated a little flora? Designers Jinsun Park & Seonkeun Park came up with an option for a livelier office space. Check out a video of the design after the jump.

A partition that is self watering, grows some lovely plants, and brings some nature indoors seems like a great idea to relieve some of the claustrophobia of a room full of cubicles. And what is even more fantastic (though completely unlikely to work in an office setting) is your own personal grass patch.

office grass patch image

This one isn't as likely to be appreciated by the maintenance staff, but it's a neat idea anyway.

Check out more details about how the breathing partition would work over at Yanko Design.
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