Cube Project Is A 97 Square Foot Psychology Experiment

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Image Credit Nick Edwards
Jetson Green shows us the Cube Project, where Dr Mike Page of the University of Hertfordshire designed and built " a compact home, no bigger than 3x3x3 metres on the inside, in which one person could live a comfortable, modern existence with a minimum impact on the environment." At 97 square feet of floor area, it makes Graham's LifeEdited look like Edinburgh Castle.

Cube construction from Mike Page on Vimeo.

It packs everything a person needs into a 10 foot cube:

Within its 27 cubic metres it includes a lounge, with a table and two custom-made chairs, a small double bed (120cm wide), a full-size shower, a kitchen (with energy-efficient fridge, induction hob, re-circulating cooker hood, sink/drainer, combination microwave oven and storage cupboards), a washing machine, and a composting toilet. Lighting is achieved by ultra-efficient LED lights, and the Cube is heated using an Ecodan air-source heat pump, with heat being recovered from extracted air. It has cork flooring and there is two-metre head height throughout.

cube project exterior photo

Image credit Alan MacDonald

It is net zero energy due to its solar panel, and has a composting toilet and a gray water disposal soaking bed, which I doubt they have installed in St Andrew's Square, Edinburgh. It also has an alternating tread stair!

cube project exterior photo

I find it interesting that Dr. Page is a psychologist, not an architect. So why is he doing the Cube Project? According to the Small Home, Big Picture site:

Dr. Page has been looking at factors which affect behaviour change in relation to the environment. If we are to mitigate the problems of climate change, we are going to need to deal with problems that are as much psychological problems as they are technological problems. The Cube Project is an attempt to show that many of the technologies that we need are already commonly available and at an affordable price. The question is, why aren't we using them? This is a psychological question.

More at the Cube Project.

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